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Automotive Safety

Automotive Safety BU provides automotive safety systems for companies worldwide. It takes the lead in the design, development and manufacturing of auto safety systems including airbags, seat belts and integrated safety systems and other key safety components. Its technologies are featured in more than 300 vehicle models by over 60 well-diversified manufactures worldwide. The company has the ability to integrate active and passive safety technologies. After years of development, it has established a rich and complete database and reserves a large number of patents for follow-up a good foundation, which is laid for product and system research and development. The current patents of BU cover various fields of active and passive security. All these technologies and products have become the strong innovation advantages of the BU in the field of automotive safety.

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics BU endeavors to develop intelligent cockpit, car HMI, commercial vehicle HMI, intelligent driving and E-Mobility, and upgrade technologies applied to autonomous driving and new energy vehicles. The core competitiveness of the BU covers product conceptual design, structural design, software and hardware development and testing, sensor technology, industrial engineering technology, mold and tooling technology and other fields. Currently, the BU has R&D centers in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, and Bavaria, Germany. The professional testing of the global R&D center can be completed directly within the company, thus ensuring that the entire development process meets the highest quality standards. Furthermore, the BU has a leading advantage in product verification speed. The product development of the BU adheres to customer-oriented, and the unique advantages of high vertical integration enable us to quickly respond to the needs of HMI and new energy electronic control for global customers, and provide them with one-stop innovative solutions.

Automotive Connectivity

JOYNEXT is committed to the development and production of connected infotainment, smart connectivity gateway, cloud services, ADAS and navigation, and software as a service/software as a product for many years. Its global headquarter is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, while European headquarter in Dresden, Germany. With more than 1300 employees and over 800 R&D engineers, the BU has 4 R&D centers, 1 manufacturing plant and 3 offices worldwide. As a direct supplier for automotive manufacturers (Tier 1), it has proven a track record of more than 20 years as a reliable development partner for renowned OEMs. As a system integrator for sophisticated infotainment products, the BU has rich experiences of product development, innovations and industrialization. It expects to use next technologies to shape mobility for generations. 

Intelligent Automotive Research Institute

Ningbo Joyson Intelligent Automotive Research Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joyson Electronics——one of the TOP30 automotive parts companies in the world. As an enterprising young company, we focus on cutting-edge science and technology, and are committed to the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology with the automotive industry to accelerate the transformation of automotive intelligence.


The institute was led by the dean Gavin Guo, PhD in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. In addition to Ningbo headquarters, R&D centers have also been set up in Shanghai and Chengdu. The core business of the institute includes IOT application services, software development, automotive parts research and development, automotive parts and accessories manufacturing, integrated circuit design, etc.

Currently, the institute is committed to the innovative research and development of the new platform around the full-stack technology of “chip + algorithm + software” intelligent driving. The fields of R&D now will be autonomous driving algorithms, car systems development and integration, software development and testing, and intelligent automotive chips design. In future, with the rapid expansion of research and development capabilities and infrastructure investment, the institute will quickly enter the frontier fields of autonomous driving domain controllers, multi-sensory perception fusion, and autonomous driving decision-making technology, and cooperate with more like-minded partners to jointly help the development of intelligent driving technology and industrial landing in China.

New Energy Research Institute

In order to meet the needs of vehicle electrification, Ningbo Joyson New Energy Research Institute focuses on innovative R&D and product manufacturing of new energy vehicle electronic control technology, mainly covering battery management system (BMS), and on-board power electronics, etc. The company is headquartered in Ningbo and has a R&D center in Shanghai. Focusing on the electronic control of new energy vehicles, a professional R&D team in the areas of power electronics, BMS, and forward-looking areas has been established. 

The research institute aims to become a first-class supplier of new energy vehicle parts, and is committed to providing customers with safe and high-quality products and first-class services. The next step of the institute will continue to meet the needs of customers, carry out innovative research and development in the direction of power electronics all-in-one, analog front-end chips, full-voltage spectrum BMS, use scientific processes to ensure the safety and reliability of electronic control products, improve the intellectual property system, and strengthen in the new leading position in the area of energy vehicle electronic control, becoming a reliable partner of the outstanding car makers around the world. The business scope includes new energy vehicle parts research and development, intelligent control system integration, software development, new energy prime mover equipment manufacturing, integrated circuit design, manufacturing and sales, sales of new energy vehicle electrical accessories and sales of new energy vehicle battery swap facilities, etc.


In the areas of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, E-Mobility and automotive safety systems, Joyson Electronics and its subsidiaries has a large number of patents and technical reserves, with the complete product hardware design, software development and data processing capabilities. Meanwhile, in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Joyson Electronics has several core R&D centers, with a total of approximately 4,800 engineering and R&D personnel, and over 5,000 patents worldwide. Furthermore, the firm has mastered core technologies in the area of automotive safety and automotive electronics. In addition, Joyson Electronics has launched the comprehensive and multi-level cooperation with chip suppliers, ICT companies and internet companies to jointly promote the commercialization and industrialization of those technology patent. 

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