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From functions, hardware to software services, Joyson Electronics is committed to building a new intelligent cockpit business ecosystem, innovating technologies in cockpit human-machine interface, in-vehicle connected infotainment and navigation systems, cockpit domain controllers, and vehicle smart interiors. With the improvement of domain control intelligence, Joyson provides car makers with a total solution for software and hardware of the intelligent cockpits, ranging from domain controllers, operating systems to application layers.
Human Machine Interface

The intelligent cockpit multi-modal Human-Machine interface of Preh GmbH includes the integration of sense of sight, touch screen, voice control, and gestures control, and can also be integrated with the in-vehicle systems, intelligent interior on the cockpit domain controller. And with the improvement of computing power and algorithm iteration, the function can meet the increasing user needs. And now the intelligent cockpit human-machine interface business unit mainly includes high-quality products such as center stacks, central controls, climate control and the multi-functional switches, and has entered the stage of deep integration. 

Cockpit Domain Controllers

Intelligent cockpit systems solution of JOYNEXT supports various main chips for hardware, as well as hypervisor virtualization, various middleware and development tools in software area, and also supports the operating systems. Basing on these operating systems and vehicle chips, it can support the customized development of the special requirements or functional needs of the carmakers worldwide. As a system integration specialist, JOYNEXT combines proprietary systems and third-party products like navigation systems, driver assistance systems, mobile communication, audio/video and other functions in a central control console. And the entire system is controlled by a central computer, so it will make the intelligent cockpit more active, intelligent and humanize. 

Vehicle Interior

For the intelligent cockpit interior of Joyson Electronics, its design, intelligence, and environmental protection of the interior products have achieved the trust from the customers. Nowadays, the products could integrate the concepts of intelligence, comfortable and practical way, and environmental protection, while they are leading the fashion aesthetic, such as the new generation of gesture-controlled hidden air outlets, etc. What’s more, it will also have functions such as fresh air and antibacterial sterilization in the future. Furthermore, the intelligent cockpit interior of Joyson also will be integrated the functional components with the real wooden parts to enhance the experience of customers. 

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