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The entire new energy business of Joyson Electronics has achieved mass production of commercial-class overall charging and discharging solutions. The core business direction mainly cover battery management, on-board power electronics, etc. And BMS products have been commercially used in new energy vehicles of international car makers. And Joyson is committed to the commercialization of high-power charging, wireless charging and automotive power electronics. Product portfolio includes charging high-voltage booster, multi-functional DC/DC voltage converter and on-board charger (OBC), etc.
Battery Management System

Under voltage and overvoltage, temperature fluctuations or different manufacturing tolerances can shorten the service life of battery cells in electric vehicles. As the core technology of new energy vehicles, BMS lays the foundation for the quality and safety of new energy vehicles. BMS is consists of battery management unit (BMU) and cell supervising sensor unit (CSSU), it ensures the effective management and rational usage of power battery packs for optimal performance and prolonged lifetime. 

BMS solution by Joyson-Preh adopts AUTOSAR architecture design to achieve stronger performance and lower power consumption, and strictly follows the requirements of ISO26262 standard in terms of functional safety. In terms of ensuring the safety of power batteries and improving battery life, Preh has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of BMS for full-voltage platforms such as 12V, 48V, 400V and 800V, and can provide high-quality products for car makers. Furthermore, Preh has become the main BMS supplier of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc. The mass-produced BMS have the functions such as high-precision parameter monitoring, critical state estimation, and cell balance, enabling them to maintain good battery system safety under different operating conditions. In Chinese market, the highly automated BMS production lines were successfully put into operation in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 2017. 

Power Electronics

At present, Joyson Electronics is continuing to accelerate the research and development and promotion of high-power super-fast charging and other power electronic technologies, to solve the problem of "range anxiety" caused by slow charging. Product portfolio of Preh owned by Joyson Electronics includes charging high-voltage booster, multi-functional DC/DC voltage converter and on-board charger (OBC). All these power electronic products have passed the functional and reliability tests to meet the stringent test requirements of international mainstream car makers, and have achieved several projects of standard operation procedure already. Moreover, Joyson Electronics has established the power electronics laboratories in China and Germany, which provide strong R&D support for subsequent product iterations and promote high-voltage car models to achieve the best effect of super-fast charging.

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