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Joyson Safety Systems is a global leader in mobility safety providing safety-critical components, systems and technology to automotive and non-automotive markets, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. Especially in the design, development and manufacturing of active and passive safety, integrated safety systems and other key components, it has been ranked in the forefront of the world. What’s more, its products have been widely used in more than 300 car models for more than 60 customers worldwide.

Active Safety Systems

The purpose of active safety products by Joyson Safety Systems are early warning and avoidance, avoiding accidents and collisions. Joyson is now in a leading position at the forefront innovation of active safety technology, providing active safety products for drivers and people around them. Furthermore, these components will be further integrated with the passive safety systems, or the intelligent driving systems by other business unit of Joyson Electronics. At present, it mainly include the products as automation technologies of active safety and accident prevention and protection systems, such as intelligent sensors, facial recognition technology, advanced driver assist systems, early mechatronic restraint preparedness, active body panels, fire suppression protection and high voltage line cutters for electric cars, etc. 

Passive Safety Systems

Passive safety is the cornerstone for generations of pioneering occupant safety advancements, include the airbag, seatbelt, intelligent steering wheel and inflators, etc. From the earliest introduction of airbag modules and crash sensors, to integrated buckle tension sensors and inflatable seatbelts, along with finely calibrated hybrid inflators, Joyson Safety Systems has consistently been a leader in the latest crash protection technologies. In the advent of a new era driven by AD and active safety capabilities, where crash dynamics and occupant kinematics will be redefined, the legacy for safety innovation must continue with an equally reliable pipeline of new passive safety systems. Further improved from today, these advanced devices are positioned to meet the rigorous demands of broadening regulations and scale of global markets. 

Airbag Systems
Airbag systems contribute significantly to occupant safety during the most critical crash scenarios. Airbag systems include the driver airbag, passenger airbag, knee airbag, side airbag, far side airbag, head side airbag, and the airbag components as inflators, airbag textiles and airbag covers, etc.
Seatbelts are the primary safety restraint in the event of a crash. The product portfolio includes standard retractor, retractor with load limiter, and retractor with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners, motorized seatbelt, energy management systems, anchor pre-tensioners and shockproof buckles.
Inflators are the ‘engine’ of our airbag systems. Joyson Safety Systems develops and manufactures pyrotechnic, stored gas and hybrid inflators to cover all airbag applications. Highly automated processes are used to produce initiators, propellants and inflators providing a stable, repeatable and high quality level.
Steering Wheels
By adding new and emerging technologies such as hand sensing, light bars and 3D Switches®, Steering Wheels will continue to steer the vehicles of the future. Advanced functions like multi-zone sensing, shape shifting, hands on detection, vital sign sensing, display switches, closed surfaces and new horn systems can be combined.
Integrated Safety Solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. After continuous innovation and technological development, the integrated safety solutions team of Joyson Safety Systems has a deep technological accumulation and service advantages in this area. This group is the incubator for new cutting-edge technologies, not only integrate the passive and active safety systems, but also combine the solutions with the intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit. The product portfolio includes vision and radar systems, advanced sensors and mechatronics, event prevention, personal protection, premium solutions, and active steering, etc. As a cultivator of new cutting edge technology of automotive safety, our global team of experts are dedicated to saving lives through creative, intelligent solutions. 

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